promotion of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Uzbekistan.


promotion of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Uzbekistan.

About us

Pharmline was founded in 2009 as a marketing and consulting company, the main activity of which is based on the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan. In 2016, the company was renamed Pharmline Plus LLC. To date, Pharmline Plus provides services for: registration, market analysis, marketing strategy and promotion of pharmaceuticals and medical products in the territory of Uzbekistan.

Pharmline Plus Company has a successful experience in removing pharmaceuticals and medical products for the pharmaceutical market, branding products and organizing a wide network of partners among operators of the wholesale and retail market of medicines in Uzbekistan, implementing a strategy for promoting medicines using all marketing communications tools.

Our company builds all work on promotion of medicinal product in the territory of Uzbekistan in accordance with the image of the partner and its marketing policy.

We will be able to solve all the issues of registration, implementation and promotion in a comprehensive manner with the optimal use of partner resources in the solution of tasks.

The main instruments for implementing pharmaceutical marketing projects of our company are:

  • timely and correct development of the marketing strategy of the project,
  • development of clear instructions for the project for medical representatives,
  • conducting professionally trained trainings,
  • timely involvement of opinion leaders,
  • the correct planning of intermediate and final results for the project as a whole, and for each medical representative.

The successful work of Pharmline Plus on the Uzbek pharmaceutical market has allowed to create extensive databases of pharmacies, doctors, opinion leaders in all regions of Uzbekistan, as well as loyal attitude towards them from the participants of the pharmaceutical market, among them:

  • managers of wholesale pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chains, pharmacies;
  • Primary pharmacists;
  • doctors of various specialties;
  • employees of health authorities;
  • heads of medical institutions;
  • opinion leaders;

The company “Pharmline Plus” clearly adheres to the agreed terms of work, reporting, which allows you to quickly collect and analyze “field information” from all regions of Uzbekistan. Specialists of the company “Pharmline Plus” develop relations with those who:

  • sells and recommends the products of partners;
  • create new channels of communication and goods circulation;
  • strengthen relations with those who buy products;
  • constantly increase sales of partners’ products.