Kangda Kast

Active substance:
Polyurethane resin

Brief description::
Polyurethane bandages have high strength, lightness (70-80% lighter than ordinary gypsum), moisture resistance, air permeability, do not cause skin irritation. It is used for all types of dressings that require high strength.


Additional information:

Drug indication:

- for fixing bone fragments in fractures;

- for immobilization after injuries to limbs and other parts of the body;

- for immobilization after operations on bones, joints, tendons, muscles;

- for orthopedic correction;

- for stable and functional fixation during rehabilitation

Drug effects: the use of Kangda Kast in the form of a fixing bandage allows you to maintain muscle tone in a stationary limb, reduce the risk of edema, prevent the development of bone and muscle atrophy. At the same time, the rehabilitation period is reduced.


Bandages impregnated with polyurethane resin.

Form of production:

Bandages measuring 5.0 X360 cm, 7.5 X 360 cm,10 x 360 cm, 12.5 X 360 cm, 15 X 360 cm.