MestaMidin Sens

Active substance:
Octenidine dehydrochloride, phenoxyethanol

Drug indication:
Treatment of skin and mucous membranes in paediatric, surgical, obstetric and gynaecological practice, in traumatology, proctology, dermatovenerology, otolaryngology, dentistry. For the treatment of wound and burn surfaces. For the prevention of foot mycoses and interalkali mycoses. In the practice of children, no age limit.


Additional information:

Drug effects: A combination of 2-X POTENT OCTENIDINE dehydrochloride ANTISEPTIC ANTISEPTICS and phenoxyethanol, from different groups, significantly enhances the antimicrobial action and prevents the development of resistance of pathogens. They bind strongly to the bacterial cell wall glycopolysaccharides, penetrate inward, destroying the cytoplasmic membrane and cell wall.

Composition: Octenidine dihydrochloride, fnoxyethanol, sodium chloride, propylbetainamide of coconut oil fatty acids, sodium gluconate, glycerol, anhydrous sodium hydroxide solution, water for injection.

Form of production: Solution for local and external use. Polymers with plug-in and lid are made of 50 or 100 ml in bottles. At 50 or 150 ml in bottles, polymer containing a pump and a pressure spraying device with or without a folding canjul.