Active substance:
Sodium hyaluronate is 0.18% and 0.3 %.

Brief description::
The drug is used to treat dry eye syndrome.


Additional information:

Drug effects:
Gillan reproduces the action of natural tears, protects and moisturizes the surface of the eye and lubricates it. The effect of the protective film begins almost immediately, thus the eyes are protected for a long time from the feeling of dryness, pain, foreign body sensations, irritation that often occur when working at a computer, with prolonged use of air conditioners or other office equipment, in cases of environmental degradation, with prolonged wearing of contact lenses.

Drug indication:

- to moisten the anterior surface of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva) in the case of "dry" eye syndrome of moderate severity, as well as in severe xerosis;

- to eliminate the feeling of dry eyes, "sand" in the eyes, burning, watery eyes, redness, itching, fatigue, "office" syndrome, as well as the feeling of a foreign body in the eye, the feeling of "fatigue", after various eye diseases, especially after conjunctivitis and keratitis of various etiologies;

- in the complex treatment of chronic blepharitis, which causes the "dry" eye syndrome;

- to eliminate the" dryness "of the eyes in cases of systematic and prolonged use of medicines (hormonal agents, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.) ;

- for the complex treatment of" dryness " of the eyes in cases of constant use of cosmetics, as well as after plastic surgery on the face;

- to moisten the anterior surface of the eye after ophthalmic surgical operations, including after refractive interventions (LASIK, PRK, etc.), as well as for minor corneal injuries as part of complex therapy;

- to eliminate discomfort when wearing hard and soft contact lenses, as well as to prevent dry eye syndrome during contact vision correction;

- for the prevention and complex treatment of corneal-conjunctival xerosis in the case of environmental degradation and environmental pollution (smog, smoke, dust, etc.), and prolonged visual stress;

- Sjogren's syndrome.

Composition: sodium hyaluronate 0.3 % and 0.18%

Form of production: a single-use tube-dropper (unidose) of 0.4 ml or a bottle of 10 ml.