Active substance:

Brief description::
The proteolytic enzyme papain, which is part of the drug, cleaves peptide bonds in proteins and has an analgesic effect.


Additional information:

 Drug indication:

  • Intervertebral hernias of no more than 0.8-1 cm in size
  • For the regeneration of the connective tissue of the intervertebral discs and cartilage tissue and to improve their integrity and elasticity
  • To prevent the risk of developing osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernias
  • To activate the metabolism and metabolism in the joints and muscles, thereby eliminating discomfort and stiffness, reducing the risks of inflammatory processes and degenerative changes

Drug effects:

Papain regenerates the connective tissue of the intervertebral discs.

Papaya preparations have shown effectiveness in the treatment of osteochondrosis and many hernias, the success rate is 82-83 %.

Composition: Papaya extract 3.5 mg

Form of production: cream and gel in tubes of 50 g.