Active substance:
Oxymetazoline hydrochloride

Drug effects:
Oxymetazoline belongs to the group of alpha-adrenostimulants for topical use. It has a vasoconstrictive effect. With intranasal administration, it reduces the swelling of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and nasal discharge. Restores nasal breathing.


Additional information:

Drug indication:

  • Treatment of acute respiratory diseases accompanied by a runny nose;
  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Vasomotor rhinitis;
  • To restore drainage in case of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses of the nasal cavity, eustachiitis, otitis media;
  • To eliminate edema before diagnostic manipulations in the nasal passages.

Form of production:

Nasal spray dosed 11.25 mcg/1 dose: fl. 10 ml (190 doses) or 15 ml (280 doses)

Nasal spray dosed 22.5 mcg/1 dose: fl. 10 ml (190 doses) or 15 ml (280 doses)