SUMMER is in full swing, which means that we will be happy to spend our free time by the pool. Many of us are unaware of the effects on our eyes after prolonged exposure to chlorine, which is often found in pool water. Why is chlorine harmful to the eyes?

Our eyes are covered with a mucous membrane that maintains moisture levels and prevents impurities from entering.

But when we swim in a pool, this protective film is washed off and our eyes are effectively dehydrated and also vulnerable to infection. How to protect your eyes? The best way to protect your eyes from such consequences is to swim in the pool with special glasses. Regardless of whether swimming goggles are used or not, it is important to ensure that the eyes are rinsed well with clean water after the pool. It is recommended to use moisturizing drops GILAN based on hyaluronic acid, which restore the tear film and return comfort and health to the eyes. GILAN drops can be used by children and pregnant women. Contains no preservatives. Ask in pharmacies in your city.

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