GLUTADINE - the active ingredient is glutathione. It is a tripeptide with a specific function, widespread in cells. Glutathione contains: glycine, cysteine, glutamic acid.

Glutathione is a powerful hepatoprotector, antioxidant, immunostimulant and detoxifier. Glutathione is found in large quantities in the liver, red blood cells and adrenal glands. ✔ The reduced form of glutathione activates some enzymes. Glutathione binds to heavy metal ions, which act on sulfhydryl and disulfide groups of proteins, and neutralizes them. ✔ Glutathione is involved in metabolism as a hydrogen carrier. It has antioxidant properties.

GLUTAREDOX Promotes the restoration of detoxification processes in the body; Reduces the risks of chronic diseases and significantly inhibits the aging process. The composition includes: a high concentration of reduced glutathione, vitamin C, selenium, L-cystine BAA is not a drug! ⠀ The goods are certified, there are contraindications. Consult your doctor before using any medications.

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