This delicate problem - everyone has Constipation - is an overwhelming problem that people are ashamed to talk about openly.

Active components: According to statistics, 30-40% of the population is faced with the problem of constipation, but statistics take into account only those people who sought medical help. They can be both harmless and with the manifestation of serious diseases. But in almost any case, the use of laxatives is necessary.

We present to your attention a new drug that can easily cope with constipation - Pikodinar. Picodinar contains sodium picosulfate, which is considered the most modern and safe active ingredient in its group.

Due to the compactness of the preparation: Advantages of the Pikodinar preparation: Mild action The predicted effect - when taken in the evening, the effect occurs in the morning. Approved for use in children from 0 and during breastfeeding Neutral taste Convenient use 2 forms of release: 15 and 30 ml.

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